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Sioux Falls, SD

Job Description

Starting $16.15 hourly

Job Summary
Bus Aide should be able to give full attention to what children, parents or other staff are saying. They should be able to teach children how to do things, like put their seat belts on or sit back and follow procedures. Speaking skills come into play when communicating with children, the bus driver, parents, or other staff. Bus monitors must be able to convey information effectively. Bus monitors should also be able to communicate information that others understand which will be easier with oral expression skills.
Duties and Responsibilities
1. Responsible for assisting children with getting on and off the bus safely.
2. Assist bus driver when doing pre-trip.
3. Make sure children are in their assigned seats, if applicable, and they must make sure that children get off the bus at the correct stops.
4. Ensure children remain safely seated while the bus is in motion.
5. Operate life and secure wheelchairs in tie-down system.

For any questions call Kim at 605-941-3909

To apply for this job please visit schoolbusinc.hireclick.com.