Let It Fly Coming to Sioux Falls

Mike Miller is the co-owner of the new bar, Let it Fly, which is opening in Sioux Falls on July 13th. The bar features over 75 televisions, a multitude of bars, and an appearance by Mike Miller himself.

“It looks great. We’re really excited about what we’re seeing,” company president David Rodriquez said. “The building is 99 percent ready and will be 100 percent ready by the end of the weekend.”

The bar is located in the old Turks & Caicos building, and is meant to provide the upscale bar experience. Inside the building is also a casino that was converted from the old dining area. In addition, the patio area will be open starting the first of operation.

The patio area provides a welcoming and inviting feel, that makes people feel comfortable and relaxed. The shuffle board area has been converted to a game space with bags, Jenga, and other games to enjoy the evening. For drinking, there are over 15 different taps, which includes a few local brews.

Mike Miller will be available to sign autographs for the big part of July 13th opening day.

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